Saturday, June 23, 2012

Train Bridge Trail

We finally got to run from the Iron Horse Train Bridge Trail in the direction we wanted to without climbing any fences. When we started it was so nice and cool, the perfect running weather, but I knew it wouldn't last long. By the time we were headed back down towards Peets, the weather had warmed up and we were looking for shade along the route. Shade wasn't the only thing we were looking for on the way back. When we stopped for water at the turn around, Patty realized she was missing one of the nose pieces on her Oakleys. If one looks at the pace and sees dips in the pace, it's because we were stopping at anything that looked small and black. We even came close to picking up a dead fly. Now wouldn't that be someting if Patty actually tried to stick it on her glasses? Oh the trouble we get ourselves into! Our runs are never without some adventure.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Train Bridge Run

The Train Bridge is finally re-opened, which will save us precious minutes, standing at the gate, trying to decide whether to climb the fence, and trespass to be able to run across it!! We will just have to look back fondly at all the times we squeezed through the fence, actually jumped over, and nearly fell into the ditch underneath, ran through the brush, braving the homeless, and the coyotes who live in the riverbed, and the time we tried to get Caryn to convince the city workers to let us just run around their gigantic hole in the ground:)Today was the grand re-opening of the historic bridge, and we joined the SCR's in a run that began at the bridge and continued on the trail to Copperhill, and then back to the bridge to cross over for the finish. We decided to park at Peet's and run to the start, which gave us a mile each way, then we took the trail to Decoro and back to the bridge, which we figured gave us a total of at least 7 miles! The city had a nice ribbon cutting ceremony, which we did not stay for, but instead, ran back to Peet's for Lattes and Egg McMuffins. The new trail is very nice, and will let us legally run across the bridge without risking arrest, or worse a broken hip!! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Hubby, and yours:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Regrets

I absolutely dread the thought of going to the track to do intervals.  Even while doing the interval workout, I'm cursing myself and the people running it.  So why do I continue to go?  I go because I know that when the workout is over, I will never regret going.  I have never said, "I wish I didn't do intervals tonight", but when I didn't go and had no excuse for not going, I ended up regretting it.  Tonight was especially tough with the heat and of course wouldn't you know it, mile repeats. 

We started out with the usual infield warm ups and then 12x100's with easy, fresh, easy, good.  I really don't know the difference between fresh and good though. We then did 3-mile repeats with a 200 meter recovery in between.  The only thing I skipped were the 200m recoveries.  My recovery was walking over to my water bottle and catching my breath for a bit. I then finished with a couple of cool down laps.

As the school year draws to an end, I know my friends are looking forward to running in the cooler morning air. Perhaps then, they won't mind an occasional evening interval workout at the track.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finish Line Footage

It took me a while to find video footage of us finishing.  Unfortunately, I think the guy had to change the tape soon after I finished so I think footage of Patty, Bonnie, and Caryn is MIA.  Marisol can be seen at 1:16:20 into the tape and I can be seen at 1:21:09.  Patty was about 10 minutes behind me and the tape ends at 1:30:17, which means he was busy changing the tape when the rest of the girls were finishing.  I looked on the other videos, but I couldn't find them :(

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ojai to Ocean Half Marathon

I had trouble with my Garmin in the beginning because I couldn't quite read the smaller print with my contacts on. I don't think I started the actual GPS until around mile 1. Official results are as follows: Caryn 2:15:24 Bonnie 2:12:30 Patty 2:10:07 Kwan 1:59:58 Marisol 1:55:11