Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon

 I'm so glad that more of our friends joined us for this fun wine country race.  We're even getting better at the post race celebrations and figured out it is much better to bring food to the wine tasting. Three of us ran relays, while our newest runner ran the whole thing.  Awesome job Michelle!


Patty said...

It's so nostalgic to look over these blog posts and relive the wonderful times we have had running together. I count myself lucky to know and run with women who are have the same love for running as I do. It all started with Kwan, Caryn and I running while our kids had their own running practice. We have been lucky to have Marisol, Bonnie and Michelle join our group, and they have added so much to our little group!! You all are my therapists, my friends, my moral compass and my motivation to do better running, and also as a mom. M.O.R.E. means so much more to me than running!

marathon mom said...

Well said Patty. I looked back to see how long ago we started this blog, Nov. 2008! That means we started running together even earlier than that. That is a LOT of miles and a lot of memories!